Oppo Reno – Still not 10x

Yesterday, the Oppo Reno launched in China, after being leaked for months, including a prototype made by Oppo. So, what is it like? Is it worth importing? Let’s see.


The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom edition is the one we are going to be looking at today, and it comes with pretty average flagship internals, but which are pretty great for the price. A Snapdragon 855, accompanied with up to 8 gigabytes of RAM. It has a 1080p 6.6″ AMOLED display made of Gorilla Glass 6. For the price, which we will get to later, the specs are great.


The Oppo Reno has a very unique design, with a completely bezel-less screen, and a mechanical pop-up selfie camera. However, this selfie pop-up is different. As you can see below, it rises at only one side, resulting in an angled pop-up section. Due to this fact, it is affectionately known as the shark-fin.

On the rear, there is a dual-textured Gorilla Glass 6 panel, and a triple-camera system in the centre, which we will discuss later on. Personally, I love this design a lot. It is simplistic, not too flashy, but still looks very unique.


The Oppo Reno has a relatively large 4065 mAh battery, which should last more than a day on a single charge, for normal use. It also comes with VOOC 3.0 fast charging. We actually couldn’t find an exact wattage for this charging method, so we don’t know exactly what speeds you can expect from the wired charging, but you can safely assume that it is faster than the S10’s.


Oppo’s flagships sport ColourOS 6, on top of Android 9.0 Pie, and don’t expect it to win any awards. I personally have never used Oppo’s latest software for a lengthy period of time, but I can’t expect it to be better than Xiaomi or Huawei’s offerings. That is a real shame, especially because Samsung’s One UI has boosted its software game significantly.


The Oppo Reno sports 3 cameras. A normal, 48 megapixel shooter, which you shouldn’t expect to win any awards is the main lens. Accompanying that lens is an ultra-wide lens, which, while a very useful addition, once again is nothing special. However, at the very bottom of the camera setup is a periscopic camera, which actually reflects the light into the phone body. This is very similar to both the prototype made a few months ago, and the Huawei P30 Pro. 10x zoom though? No. Not quite. We here at The Teen Tech cannot find the actual specifications for these camera lenses, but 6x would be a much more accurate estimation than 10x. Overall though, a great camera system in this phone, with probably the best zoom on any phone, but definitely top 3.


Oppo have once again sprang for the in-display optical fingerprint scanner in their latest flagship, which is still very cool, in my opinion. Also… Actually, that’s about it. Not very many standout features means that this phone may be lost amongst the greats. The only possible redeeming feature now is the price, so let’s see how that compares.


The Oppo Reno retails from about £456 / $596. You might think those numbers are a bit odd, and they are, because the Oppo Reno is, as of yet, only available in China. So, despite that, is it worth a buy?


The Oppo Reno offers a lot of flagship features for a price much, much lower than the competition. However, the lacking of simple features such as wireless charging and good software, as well as the incurred difficulties of a mechanical pop-up selfie camera. Personally, I would buy this phone, because it is the only one in this price category with a camera anywhere near as good as its flagship competitors.

So what do you think? Is the Oppo Reno for you, or do you not live in China? Let me know in the comments below.

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